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‘Ethical Self portrait,’a new Social Revolutionary Prerequisite

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‘Ethical Self Portrait,’ is a novel expression, I recently pounced upon while putting the pieces together , for the formation of a new  social advocacy movement , I am proposing.It is in my view a very  wonderful , and quite useful way of performing some semblance of morally sound ,self evaluation , as we try to grapple with numerous prevailing socio economic , and political problems, while attempting to find a way to try and make a meaningful difference , as far as solutions . I  should add, that via this process, one can  also garner a more realistic interpretation of how others -based on our overall interactions -perceive us as fellow human beings .

Here is the test:- Do you have a dark side that you won’t even aware of , but everyone , including the dog, the little kids on the neighborhood, other races,lower  classes , and over ambitious , though competitive ethnic groups, are fully aware , since you could not help but ensure that they do , by your thoughts , words , and inactions towards their desperate needs? Is there a particular behavior , attitude , or activity that you despise , as it  outrages you  beyond reason at times?

In contrast , what qualities ,and  attitudes , do you find most intriguing ? Pinpointing them , might go in some way to formulating a checklist, and so help propel you as an individual , into  greater action.

Take  for example Znend , yours truly. I personally find the following qualities quite abhorrent , and they includes, but are not limited to hypocritical behaviors, intolerance, ingratitude,stereotyping, racism,self serving natures,a penchant for unnecessary violence, and dishonesty. In contrast, I admire a sense of optimism, perseverance, principled folks, reliability, selflessness,thoughtfulness, inclusive attitude, honesty, an empathetic nature, fairness, and prudent ,yet fearless respectfulness, for  others- irrespective of who they are.

The recent, alleged capture of so called Global terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden , after a lengthy manhunt , has brought out all sorts of reactions by folks across the globe, but more so in the United States, as can be expected , due to the tragic events that took place on the  soil of this great nation on September 11th, 2001. In the event that you  are unaware of what these events were , since you  maybe , only  happened to be born on that fateful, historic day almost a  decade ago  , or recently landed from the  peaceful, more habitable  Mars planet, let me therefore, refresh your memory. 19 terrorist ,which incidentally consist of 15 Saudi Arabians,2 U.A.E citizens, 1 Egyptian, and 1 Lebanese, hijacked 4 commercial  passenger airlines, and successfully crash landed three into the two most important ,economic, and political nerve centers of  the nation , in both Washington , and New York.

The overall tragedy, resulted in lost lives of some 3000 victims ,from approximately ,70 countries, including the  19 hijackers , countless psychological traumas for survivors to this date , as they sought closure, and additionally, forced a revamping of the entire national  security operation , and mindset of  all Americans ,both domestically, and internationally, at astronomical cost. These not only included new , and far reaching , socially intrusive ,anti terrorist laws, but many might  rightfully add,  two ill conceived wars, since none of the initial  terrorist criminals, emerged from Afghanistan , or Iraq , the two countries that  felt the brunt of the revengeful onslaught , by a blood thirsty nation, led by a clueless, and manipulated  President at the time.


Fast forward to May 1st  2011, and the news of the capture of the legendary  Saudi , Terror King pin ,Osama  Bin Laden , has brought out a mix outpouring of reactions from citizens, far and wide. Even as we are still shifting through the political rubble , a few months on the verge of a 2012 national election, there  were two view points ,that stood out to me – political animal as I am – as they go directly to the crux of my subject matter today on ‘ethical self portrait .’  The first was by NFL  player Rashard Mendenhall. In two of his  respective tweets, he lamented the enthusiastic celebration  to the death of Osama, by fellow American citizens . In the other, he played into several major, conspiratorial theories that has floated around for some decade, one of which is the impressions of possible blatant lies of his own government ,on the  question as to the  involvement of  Bin Laden , in the 9/11 attacks.

The second was a fervent attack on the government of the United States  ,for not complying with the  tenets of the 1st Amendment  freedom of speech rule , by  providing pictures on  the murdered victim   Bin Laden . This was demanded by nationally exulted, high profile lawyer , and  ardent ,pro Zionist proponent ,Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School. He is also concerned about the rules of combat ,involved in the legality of  targeted strikes  as committed on the global terror leader, and is demanding information as to if he surrendered ,or  resisted before Navy seals destroyed his image , before one of his four wives, and young daughter .

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703849204576303431557377492.html His main argument for showing the pictures therefore was , to prevent any doubt as to how he died, and allay any arguments of cover ups. The President , and his supporters , think that displaying the pictures , can work against the national interest of the United States, endanger the lives of military personnels, and civilians abroad , and home, as well as turn the body of Bin Laden into a martyrs symbol, by dangerous , Islamist, fundamentalist followers.

Generally, most of todays millionaire sports  idols athletes , are viewed as cuddled , selfish , clueless folks ,without an opinion outside of their next orgy, or  exorbitant contract. From a quick glance ,Rashard Mendenhall ,appears to be quite a different character , who believed  that it is right to share an opinion , irrespective of how politically incorrect it might appear .

Maybe , he is thinking I presume , that being the great grand kid of African slaves, he might also be thinking that his ancestors suffered too much during their time in this country, where numerous were publicly lynched , by white immoral , genocidal barbarians , in similar fashions to lower class  medieval Europeans, at the hands of neo Christian purist.

Perhaps , Rashard recognizes that his country is one of the few remaining industrial countries that still engage in murder by state, capital punishment , death penalties , primarily against poor African males, and others of color , and so wanted to take this public stance , against another spectacle, as played out via the expensive war on terror, that cost American taxpayers some 23 billion in aid to Pakistan, and trillions more in the overall un winnerable crusades. In the case of Alan Dershowitz,an ardent supporter of  ‘democratic Israel-‘and all it’s targeted high profile attacks on Arab dissidents across the Middle East,with little, or no  accountable whatsoever- this stand, can appear quite curious indeed.

When mainly white Americans  citizens , are offered pardoned at the drop of a hat by government officials from Presidents, to governors , even when they have broken some of the most sacred laws in the country , this sends a chilling message, especially when the same practiced is not meted out to Black citizens , even when they have indicated , by overwhelming evidence , the ability to be reformed , and offers no dangers to society. .Case in point was 51 year old Nobel Peace Prize nominee,Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who was put to death , irrespective to the  request for a stay of execution.


If American tax payers dish out billions in economic and military aid yearly to Israel, and an ex President such as Jimmy Carter cannot call to task that country for it’s blatant , genocidal , human rights abuses against Arabs , when such acts can eventually endanger American lives , such can become a moral dilemma.



One thing I am absolutely certain of is that Alan Dershowitz, like many similar special, ethnically cuddled ,educated ,intellectual elites, will never receive any public criticisms  for his opinions , whether good , or bad , for that is the way of politically correct America today. I am not surprise that ‘Africkan’ NFL player ,Rashard Mendenhall, is being raked under the coals , for exercising his 1st Amendment rights of free speech , as expounded by Alan, the Harvard high-end lawyer.

Likewise , I am not too surprise ,that  millionaire baller  Rashard,placed his tails between his legs ,like a coward baby cat, as soon as corporate America, placed a bit of fire under him , for that too is the way of  life, in these United States, where his kind are expected to just be grateful for being brought in chains form Africa, and must remain at the back of the symbolic bus, while bojangling for dollars , like idiotic clowns  for the rest of their lives, as the world burn.


Hopefully, this  account on my part ,gives a clearer picture on what I am attempting to project as a  new form of ‘humanist moralism ,’as we perform semblance of introspection , to decide who we are ,and what we are prepared to embrace  across new realities , as concerned , global citizens .  Stay tune.


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May 5, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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